Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BBQ with the Family..

2 days before my elder brother, angah, is going back to Malaysia.. we had a BBQ at Tanuf.. quite near with our place.. it was planed in the morning.. huhu.. so we woke up that day, went to the supermarket, Kimji, bought coals, chicken, soy sauce, chilli and what else, i forgot.. huhuhu.. my dad and my bro marinate the chicken..

so when my mom came home from teaching.. after asar prayer, we were ready to BBQ.. we stop at the nearby grocery to buy candles, lighter, one big bottle of 'Mountain Dew' of 355 litre (popular here in Oman) and 6 shawarma..

it was a family outting.. it was very fun.. i like to start the fire, to start the coal burning.. haha.. we really had a great time that day.. picnic time.. haha.. well, we also had our magrib prayer there.. haha.. it is quite dark during the magrib prayer, and no one was there, maybe the local villagers were nearby.. but if was fun.. it was the best experience.. never cross my mind to have such an event here in oman.. haha.. BBQ in oman.. woohoo!!

The bottle that i'm holding here.. is quite popular here in Oman.. it is called 'Barbican'.. malt drink but non-alchoholic.. haha.. another malt drink is called 'Freez'.. both have different taste but both are malt.. aite.. till then.. chiow..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


COMEX 2008 IT, Telecom & Technology Show.

COMEX the largest annual IT, Telecom & Technology show in the Sultanate of Oman, has gained the reputation of a leading platform showcasing the latest in technology and services to match the rising needs for telecommunication & information technology solutions in the region. COMEX carries great value for the country's fast growing industrial, corporate and consumer markets that are in continuous search of modern technology.
We went there on the first day of its opening.. that was on the 28th of april '08.. open from 10 am until 10 pm.. well, it is quite similar with our 'PC Fair' in Malaysia.. sells all kind of PC items, gadgets and stuff.. but, it cannot compete with our PC Fair, huhu.. well there are moving towards it.. give them another few year.. maybe the will at par with our malaysian culture in term if IT and telecommunication.. but, people in Oman are quite advance individually when it comes to owning a 'laptop' or a 'handphone'.. haha.. you might not have the money to have what they have.. huhu.. aite.. thill then.. chiow..

Saturday, April 26, 2008


We were at Sur for 2 days (Thursday and Friday).. Sur is by the coast.. it had beautiful beach.. Sur is popular place for its fisherman and Dow (Oman Boat).. We had stayed at Uncle Razak's apartment there.. he is a lecturer teaching business at a college in Sur, Oman.. well, the day when we arrive at sur, we had Barbeque BBQ with uncle razak.. we went to the night fish market there and bought few fish for BBQ..

This was the fire that I started myself.. good job ajeen.. well and this is the first crab that I started cooking.. haha.. yummy!! we did not eat anything else except fish for the night.. well not to forget the 'Mountain Dew'.. Favorita!! very popular in Oman..

This the boat that is well known in Sur.. this sort of the icon for Sur.. it is called the Dow.. tradisional made by the Omani people in Sur..

The next day.. we went fishing early morning.. well i brought my 'joran' from KL.. haha.. i got myself a 'Ikan Kerapu'.. my dad says, the most expansive fish you can find in fish market.. haha.. good job ajeen.. huhu..

Haha.. well.. the last two days was an amazing experience for me.. I never expected to have a BBQ in Oman.. that was fun and enjoyable.. Seriously dude.. it was fun.. I got the fire started profesionally.. something new for a foreigner.. haha.. then i also never expected, fishing in Oman.. wow!! I got a fish!! Kerapu!! huhu.. WOW!! haha..

so till then.. see yaa.. where you wanna be yaa..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Nizwa Fort, Oman

Today we went to Nizwa Fort.. this place is very popular among tourists who is here in Oman.. it is a must for them to come here.. well we did not went into the fort yet.. maybe tomorrow.. huhu.. but we sure did a hell of a lunch.. you can see the picture above.. me and my bro had this 'beriyani mutton and chicken'.. if you look at it.. maybe it was purposely made for 4 people i guess.. huhu.. but hey, this is the amount people in Oman eat.. huhu.. i think when i go back to Malaysia.. my body will definitely become like an Omani.. huhu.. till then.. daa.. chiow.. for your info.. Nizwa Fort is just only a few minutes from our house.. well recommended place for tourists that loves handicratfs and historical buildings and monuments..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jabal Shams, OMAN

Guess what.. I'm at the highest peak in Sultanate of OMAN.. haha.. Cool dude.. these are just some pictures taken when we went there yesterday.. this place is popular among the European.. They said that not many Asian likes this place.. well they are wrong.. my Family loves this place.. in Winter time.. you can find snow.. the temperature is -12 darjah selsius.. huhu.. the road would be a little bit scary at first.. but when you can see old cars and even heavy lorry could climg this Jabal (mountain).. hey your can manage.. huhu.. i think my Tiara can also climb this Jabal.. tekan jer minyak kuat-kuat.. why scary because the road is like a 'snake-yg-lapar'.. if you have a 4x4 vehicle.. then.. no problem.. huhu.. on top of the hill.. there are 2 resorts of camping sites.. one camps site offers you a hiking track.. if you are Malaysian.. choose the 2 hours route.. but if you are European or Me.. choose the 5 hours route.. haha.. well i think my 'X-treme' cousin would love this place (kak ana & bong).. huhu..
This Jabal Shams is well recommended for those who love to see the Great Creation of Allah.. It is so Beautiful up there.. with the wind blowing smoothly.. cool air.. the view is just perfect.. Subhanallah.. The Government is still doing some construction and pembaik pulihan jalan.. huhu.. maybe in another few months.. the road would be ok.. hey.. in another few months.. come on frens.. lets climb Jabal Shams!!! Party time!! dont be like KLian.. They are all Alien and Poyo.. tak Cool pun.. Xtreme People.. JOM!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This beautiful place is called Misfah Al A'briyeen.. it is located on top of a hill.. it has a beautiful view.. this place was build many years ago by their great grand grand fathers.. it was actually a place for local people to hide and defend themselves from the British Army.. and few local tribe people.. people in Oman used to live in tribes a.k.a 'kabilah'.. they usually fight among the tribes..

Their are still people living here in Misfah.. In this village, 'falaj' is a source of water for daily used as to water their plants, washing, bathing, drinking and many more.. one interesting thing yo can find here is that 'date' trees are build on man-made hill slope.. they will first build like a bowl wall on the rocky hill slope.. then that bowl will be filled up with soil.. then they will plant their date trees and corns..

the last picture was a picture taken at our apartment.. our Filipino neighbour were having a party for their Dean, who is a Malaysian.. they are Nursing students here in Nizwa.. it was fun and we all ate like crazy that night.. they were all dancing and singing.. haha.. it was quiet a while that i have not seen people dancing, besides in tv.. huhu.. well.. we're off to Muscat today.. daa.. till then.. chiow..