Saturday, June 7, 2008


Later.. after our trip to Jabal Akhdar.. we head down to the near town of Izki.. the interesting thing in izki is the 'Jarnan Cave' and the ancient city of Izki..

it is said that the town is like our new concept of an apartment of a housing villa.. there is a wall that protect and close the city.. and only one entrance and exit.. and there will be two men guarding the door to the city.. if you need to see anyone.. u must report to the guards first.. then the guard will ask the person that you want to meet whether you know the said person nor not.. then only he will let you enter the city..

it is said that there were almost 100 families living in this city.. the city is complete with a big mosque, shops and hall..

the cave is situated below the ancient city.. located by the 'Wadi'.. wadi is a dry water bed.. it will become like a river after a heavy rain..

the Cave are among the impressive geological features by the Sultanate of Oman.. they were formed by the changes in the earth structure over the course of hundreds of million of years.. Jarnan cave is one of the most interesting of these.. it lies at the foot of Wadi Halfayn below Al-Nazar village in the district of Izki. Jarnan is distinguished from all other caves in Oman by a famous legend dating from the pre-Islamic era.. it is said that when Islam came into existence a golden calf was hidden deep inside the cave so that no one could reach it.. the story speaks of two passages leading down one side of the cave and of the calf placed on the other.

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