Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jabal Akhdar, Nizwa, OMAN

It was thusrdays morning that we had a trip to 'Jabal Akhdar'.. the second highest mountain after 'Jabal Shams'.. it is located 2090 metres above sea level.. this mountain is higher than our Cameron Highland, Malaysia.. the view is just spectacular and amazing.. awesome.. u colud see the Great Creation of Allah the Almighty..

The day before that, we had a trip to Muscat, the capital of Oman.. we went to invite my parent's friend who is also a Malaysian teaching in Sur, Oman.. he just arrive from Sur.. well i did some shopping to at Zara.. haha.. got myself a few stuff.. well, Sur is quite a coastal city.. it is by the beach.. where most of omani fresh fish came from.. he stayed here in our place for 2 nights.. he loves photography.. he took a lot of beaufitul pictures in jabal akhdar..

these are some pictures taken while we were in Jabal Akhdar.. i love the terrace garden.. i it just beautiful.. before i forget.. the only allowed vehicle to climb up this mountain is a 4wd vehicle.. if you are driving a cute Proton Tiara like me.. well i think that is just impossible to climb up the hill.. the hill a so steep and slopes.. haha..

Jabal Akhdar is very popular for its vegetation and plants and trees.. most of the fruits and flowers and roses are harvest before winter.. because during winter most of the trees will die because of the temperature.. it is so cold that even there is snow up here.. serious dude!! i can show you the pictures.. huhu..
Well enjoy!! see ya!!


awai said...

pergi blk ehh jabal akhdar??

Arabesque said...

I hope you can visit again and see the wonderful Roses in the mountain the fragrance is amazing