Thursday, May 1, 2008

Clouds In Oman

Well, this rarely happens in Oman.. Usually in Oman, there will only be the beautiful blue sky.. seriously dude.. huhu.. but yesterday.. i saw clouds.. and i was amaze because it seldom happens here.. so i took out my camera and took some pictures of the clouds in Nizwa, Oman..

my mom told me that, since my parents came here to Oman, there had yet been a single drop rain.. it has been 4 months now.. well the local people told us that the most is that 3 times.. per year.. huhu.. there can be no rain at all for couple of years.. With the Power of Allah.. people in Oman has a lot of water beneath the earth that can be supplied to the whole of Oman for many years.. if it rains in Oman, is will be a heavy rain.. and it will cause flood to most area.. and the 'wadi' (dry water bed) will be filled with water, it will become like a river.. but only for a couple of hours.. and the water dissapears..

in Oman. there are 2 seasons.. winter and summer.. summer time will be very cold here.. but in summer time.. like right now.. the temperature can reach 41-44 c.. haha.. they say in august will be hotter.. the temperature rise up till 51 c.. haha. so stay in your house for the day.. go out only in the evening.. huhu..

so do come to oman.. to experience the beautiful scenery of this beautiful country.. it will be a totally different experience.. for Malaysian.. it will be a great place to see something totally different from Malaysia, in terms of its culture, climate, people, language and scenery.. and for Malaysian.. I know you love to shop and shop.. come to Oman and Dubai to shop.. rather than going to somewhere else.. there are good and better brands here in Oman.. furthermore, it is cheaper compared to other places.. look out for my next post about the 'Beverly Hills' and 'Orange County' in Oman.. till then.. chiow..
p/s: the last picture is me with the 'date' tree.. you can find it anywhere in Oman.. by the road side.. inside a house.. and for your information.. one tree can produce up to 270 kg per harvest.. haha.. no kidding maa..

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