Sunday, May 18, 2008


It was a wonderful weekend for me and my family.. What we did was.. we drove ourself to Dubai.. haha.. on thursday we head to Buraimi, a town border to UAE.. it took us about 2 hour and a half to reach Buraimi.. We went across a town called Ibri..

a long the day to Buraimi.. we saw desert and we even saw sand dunes and we had the chance to experience the sand of the desert.. the sand is actually quite find, not like any ordinary sand that you can find anywhere.. desert sand is quite different..

while we were driving along the road to Buraimi.. while going across the desert.. the wind were blowing quite strong.. it had made the sand dune to change it form and the fine sand flew over the road and somehow had cover few parts of the road.. it was like thick flog flying over the road.. haha.. cool experience..

DUBAI!! cool place.. not the weather.. the scenery.. haha.. Dubai is hot this month.. maybe end of the year would be much cooler.. Right now the temperature might be the same as Muscat.. Now Muscat is 50 degr celcs in the afternoon!! haha.. not that bad compared to Malaysia.. huhu..

If you enter Dubai City.. you can see there are huge number of cranes all over the city.. they are still constructing many more tall building.. like the above picture i took.. the tallest tower in the world.. it is called the 'Burj Dubai'.. woohoo!! no wonder people said that around 15% - 25% world's crane are in Dubai.. well at least i have seen it myself and to confirm the statement might be true.. huhu..

they are also constructing the biggest theme park in the world.. currently the Disney World Florida is the biggest.. it is said that the 'Dubailand' will be twice the size of Disney World.. haha.. i hope the entrance fee is cheap.. huhu..

well.. a lot more things comin up in Dubai.. make sure you are aware of the development in Dubai.. haha.. not really actually.. what for.. just come to Dubai to experience what many people of the world had eperience Dubai..

Till then..

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