Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Day in Muscat

On thursday, 8th of May '08, me and my family (mama, abah & awai), we had a trip to muscat.. our nearest town.. it is not that near.. we consider it the nearest town because it seems that every weekend you can find us there in muscat.. haha..

on the way to muscat.. we stop at a nearby town called Fanja.. Fanja is popularly known as a place that produces pottery..

then.. we continue our trip to muscat..

we had our lunch at a town calleh Mutrah.. a name of a place in Muscat.. the best thing is that we saw groups of teenagers swimming in a small pool i guess.. well the pool is actually part of the sea.. haha.. they were doing some trick here and there.. flipping their body into the water.. it was something interesting to see..

later.. we head on to City Centre.. haha.. shopping!! well because the whole city is closed and sleeps from 12 pm to 430 pm, because of the heat (41 c), the only shopping mall that is open is the Muscat City Centre.. and again the thing is that me and my bro did some shopping at ZARA!! woohoo!! thanx to my beloved mother and father.. i got myself a cool shirt!! woohoo!!

well this picture were taken before we went to City Centre.. we had detour to Qantab.. it is on top of a hill overlooking a Marina.. you can have a Dolphin Trip there.. it is a half day trip to see the dolphin in the middle of the sea.. not in a pool or in an aquarium.. beside Marina, here in Qantab there is a Dive Centre for tourists and local people to go diving into the beautiful blue water ocean.. and there is of course, Shangri-La Hotel and Resort, here in Qantab..

after the shopping.. we head on to Ruwi.. Ruwi is like 'Low Yat' in Malaysia.. here they sell computer parts and handphones and car accessories.. the different thing is that low yat is a mall but Ruwi is a town.. haha.. we jad our dinner here in Ruwi.. in a Pakistani Restaurant.. the food was nice.. seriously dude.. original from Pakistan.. haha..

after the dinner.. we head our to Mutrah.. the most popular place.. for my family.. we love it here.. the place is cool and cozy i guess.. even tourists love to come here in Mutrah.. it is like 'Pasar Seni in KL' but much bigger.. it is a town.. haha.. well actually the purpose we came here that day was to buy a lot of abaya for my friends in Malaysia.. they 'pesan' to buy.. but they will give money.. it is not a gift from me or the Sultan.. huhu.. but it is damn cheap and pretty i tell you.. you can never find it Malaysia.. huhu.. well i hope they like it.. i personally 'tempah' to match their size.. seriuosly dude!! i did..

well till then.. chiow..

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